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There are more than 59 units in Brazil; find the closest Fabrica Di Chocolate to you.

With over 59 units spread from North to South of Brazil, Fabrica Di Chocolate is also present in Brazil, and Portugal. The kiosks are located at various strategic points, such as shopping malls, airports, supermarkets and Galleries, offering several delicious options at low cost (cheap), quick, nutritious and healthy.



Haven’t found a Fabrica in your city yet?

Turn your passion for chocolate into Profit; you can be the first to open a Fabrica Di Chocolate franchise in your area! Our chocolate kiosks and stores are often listed among the cheapest franchises in the market, with fast return on investment (payback), in addition to excellent profitability (between 25-35 %). If you still have questions about our franchise, check the testimonials of those who are already part of this Successful family below.

Steps to open your Fabrica Di Chocolate Franchise

Come and join this great Successful Family! Please register, “risk free”, on the “Register” menu.

For more information, please click the Franchise menu, where you can learn about our business model. You can also fill our interest form; soon after, our consultants will be in contact to answer any final doubts you have.