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Where is Fabrica Di Chocolate located?

The whole Manufacturing area, as well as the administrative and financial headquarters of the Fabrica Di Chocolate franchise, are located in Joinville, the largest city of the State of Santa Catarina and the third largest in the South Region of Brazil. Joinville is known as the ‘Manchester of Santa Catarina’ for being one of the main industrial centers of Brazil.

The city is also known as the city of princes, flowers and bicycles, and among its main attractions is the Festival of Dance, recognized by Guinness World Records as the biggest event in the world in number of participants.

How to work for Fabrica Di Chocolate?

If you really identify with public servicing, if you like chocolate and if you are a responsible, dynamic, committed and pro-active person, we will be happy to work with you! New Fabrica Di Chocolate franchises are opened every week, and people with this profile can forward their resume to

How much does a Fabrica Di Chocolate franchise cost?

The franchisor offers many types of businesses; we have a version for events (collapsible kiosk) used for parties, weddings, baptisms and the like; we have the Smart Model (used in galleries, hypermarkets, roads and the like), the Supreme Model (malls, metro station, airports and the like) and the Store Model (street malls, shopping malls, galleries and the like). The value varies with the business; currently, the Events version starts with R$ 25,000.00.

What are the steps to open a franchise?

The first step is to fill in your details by clicking here; we will contact you later to answer your questions and get to know you better. Then you will participate in an interview and undergo a profile analysis, and later, if your profile is approved, you will receive our UFOC (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular) and our franchise contract.

With the signing of the UFOC and the contracts, you will receive full support for exploration and feasibility analysis of the point, beyond the technical evaluation and negotiation of where you will install your Business. At this step, the opening of the business, the selection of manpower, the training (theoretical and practical) and the monitoring of other processes inauguration are also performed.

On average, the inauguration takes place between 9 and 18 weeks after its effective contract signing; the average time for return on investment (payback) is 12-24 months.

Fill in now your details and transform your passion for chocolate into profit!

Come and join this great Successful Family!!