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About Us

Searching for Innovative and Revolutionary ideas about the commercialization of chocolate with fruits a business administrator and a mechanical engineer developed and implemented new market concept: Fábrica Di Chocolate Fondue Express.

The equipment (Fountain, Tap and Wheel), created in accordance with international standards, shows the chocolate melting through it, generating a strong appeal to costumers and captivating their desire to consume it.

With operations running in four continents, Fábrica Di Chocolate offers to consumers worldwide a healthy way of experiencing the combination of fruit and chocolate in the best of the fast food style.


Fabrica di Chocolate expects to excel the expectations of our customers and franchisees, to develop high quality products at competitive prices, to apply cutting edge technology and know-how, and to promote the consumption of chocolate with fruits worldwide.


Become the most successful Franchise on the Fondue Express segment worldwide.


Provide customers excellence, quality and diversity of products made of chocolate and fruits, and to our network an efficient support to their operations helping them to achieve fast pay-back, sustainable growth and profitability.


Ethics, Integrity, Dedication, Transparency, Competence and Excellence.